Asperger’s Association of New England

Have you checked out the Asperger’s Association of New England?  What a busy place.  They provide services and support to teens, adults, family members, and educators and professionals.  

Are you a teen looking for a social network?  Are you a parent seeking workshops on parenting and advocating in the schools?  Are you looking for a support group or an online chat room?  They have it.  

Or are you a friend or family member who simply needs to learn more about Asperger’s and on what to expect of your diagnosed friend and on how to best interact with her for a fruitful and loving relationship?  They have information for beginners, too. 

Be sure to check out especially the social outings and workshops – many are held at headquarters in Watertown, but there are several in Canton (held at the offices of Enable, Inc.), as well.