Many people are intimidated by lawyers, and tend to think of them as rather cold and unfriendly. Perhaps you share this impression, and are hesitant to seek the advice of an attorney? If so, we are confident that we can quickly dispel your anxiety and put you at ease.

A “Planning Session” with Alexis is a bit like sitting down with a close friend or member of the family. She’s a good listener and takes the time to really get to know what matters to you the most: your greatest concerns, your short-term goals, and your hopes for the future. Only when she fully understands your particular needs and goals will she design a plan that helps you address and achieve every single one of them. And she’ll take the time to explain your options in clear, easy-to-understand language, without all the confusing legal jargon.

After meeting Alexis for the first time, chances are you will describe her as warm, caring, and compassionate. After you see the plan she designs for you, you’ll probably also use words like smart, detail-oriented, and thorough. And eventually, you might just settle on the word “friend.”

In short, while many firms say they take a personal approach to the practice of law, Alexis truly does. Hers is a holistic approach, designed to meet not only your legal concerns and issues but your emotional needs as well. She will even meet with you in your home if you are unable to come to her office.

We invite you to contact us to schedule a planning session to discuss your specific needs and goals.