Seniors, parents of special needs children, and families interested in planning for the future have many reasons to seek counsel from an experienced attorney. Here are a few situations where legal advice will not only help protect your assets, loved ones and independence, but also your peace of mind.

  • If you would like to “get your house in order,” make things simpler for your children when you pass away, and would like to leave inheritances, or make a charitable donation through your will…then you need to conduct estate planning
  • If you have a parent or relative who is incompetent and cannot handle their own affairs, and did not prepare a Durable Power of Attorney or Health Care Proxy…then you need to pursue a guardianship or conservatorship
  • If your spouse or parent requires nursing home care immediately or in the near future, and you are concerned about how to pay for this or how a spouse remaining at home will manage financially…then you need to conduct asset preservation planning
  • If you are under 65, disabled, and would like to obtain public benefits…then you need help applying for SSDI
  • If you have an adult special needs child, niece or nephew, and this person is eligible for public benefits…then you need a supplemental needs trust
  • If a loved one recently passed away and left it to you to sort out their affairs…then you need help probating the estate
  • If you are concerned about becoming incapacitated, or if you are competent now but would like some assistance managing your affairs…then you need a durable power of attorney
  • If you are concerned about becoming incapacitated and unable to make or communicate your health care decisions to your doctors…then you need a health care proxy
  • If you want to appoint an agent under a durable power of attorney and a health care proxy, but don’t have family members or close friends, or if you know a senior who needs a guardian but doesn’t have someone appropriate to serve as one…then you need to appoint a third-party fiduciary
  • If you or your spouse would like to continue living in your home but need assistance from a caregiver to do so, or you want to explore the community Medicaid options, Veterans Benefits, available private pay services, or the idea of a reverse mortgage…then you need to conduct long-term care planning

We can work closely with you to accomplish goals like these, get your affairs in order, and put your mind at ease. Contact us today to see exactly what we can do for you.