How the Frail Elder Waiver Helps Elders Avoid Having to Move to a Nursing Home

As many of you know, I am dedicated to helping elders reside at home for as long as possible. The Frail Elder Waiver (FEW) is one of the MassHealth programs that helps seniors accomplish this.

FEW provides support to eligible elders 60 years of age or older whose needs meet the level of care offered by a nursing home but prefer to remain at home—or at the home of a family member or caregiver.

To be eligible for this waiver an applicant must:

  • Be 60-64 years of age and disabled OR be aged 65-plus
  • Need the waiver’s services to avoid moving to a nursing home
  • Be able to safely reside outside of a nursing home (based on FEW standards)
  • Meet the financial requirements to qualify for MassHealth (if your income and assets exceed the limits, talk to me – there are still ways to access the program)

How FEW Works and the Services Available
FEW participants work with a case manager to develop a comprehensive service plan. This plan focuses on the participant’s needs and goals together with the services available to meet them. FEW services include: 

  • Grocery shopping and delivery, delivery of meals
  • Transportation
  • Doing chores and providing companionship
  • Educational programs
  • Delivery of pre-packaged medication and a medication dispensing system
  • Home health aide
  • Laundry
  • Personal care
  • Cellular emergency and wandering response systems
  • Alzheimer’s/dementia coaching
  • Home accessibility adaptation
  • Care training and oversight
  • Mobility services
  • Peer support
  • Supportive day program
  • Transitional assistance
  • Respite care

You can learn more about the Frail Elder Waiver here.

As always, I’m here to answer all of your questions and help you every way I can. Until next time, take care…