April 16 is National Healthcare Decisions Day – Time to Sign that Health Care Proxy

Who even knew we had a National Healthcare Decisions Day?  But what better time to get that Health Care Proxy in order.  That’s the document that allows another person to make healthcare decisions for you when you cannot make or communicate them yourself.  Without a Health Care Proxy in place, if you can’t make a decision or express yourself, your medical team’s hands are tied – they are going to make the decision that they feel is appropriate, and it might not be one that you would agree with.

When clients sign their Health Care Proxies, I also give them two more things  – one is a wallet card for keeping emergency contact information and a list of medications, both vital for EMT’s, and the second is a workbook that helps them work through their choices for end-of-life care and share those thoughts with their family.    

Once you have decided whom you want to name as your agent within the Health Care Proxy, it does not take much time for the attorney to produce the document.  It’s National Healthcare Decisions Day – why not get it done today?