US Census: Beware Scammers

The US Census, conducted every ten years, is underway. You can count on scammers to use the opportunity to try to rip people off.

A Census worker will be coming to your door. They will have an identification badge, a copy of the letter that was previously sent to you by the Census Bureau, a bag or laptop with the Census Bureau insignia, and a hand-held device.

They will ask you for your name so that they can verify your address.

Legitimate census workers will NOT ask for your Social Security number, your credit card number, bank account numbers, or any other confidential information.

If anyone does claim to be with the Census and asks you for your Social Security number, credit card, or bank information, ask them to leave.

Also note that the Census will not contact anyone by email. If you receive an email claiming to be from the Census, it is not legitimate.

Keep an eye on your neighborhood, especially the homes of elderly neighbors. Seniors are particularly susceptible to scam artists.