Get Input from Your Doctor to Develop Your Advance Directive

I give the “Your Way” workbook to every client who signs a Health Care Proxy. This workbook allows you to spell out to your family what your end-of-life wishes are.

If you have a serious or terminal illness, complete the Your Way workbook in pencil, and then go over it with your doctor or nurse practitioner. They should be able to help you outline wishes based on what they know may lie in your future as your illness progresses.

Have a hard time getting an appointment with your doctor? Or don’t think he gives you the time you need? There’s an alternative. I work with a wonderful geriatric nurse who can sit down with you, discuss what to expect down the road from your illness and what the medical choices will be at various turns in the road. If you would like to meet with her for a private session, so that she can help you articulate educated, thoughtful end-of-life wishes, please call me.