Big Step Forward for Alzheimer’s Care & Research

On January 17, President Obama signed a funding bill containing what the Alzheimer’s Association calls “an unprecedented $122 million increase” for Alzheimer’s research, education, outreach, and caregiver support.

The specifics, as outlined in the Alzheimer’s Association press release, are as follows:

• A $100 million increase for the National Institute on Aging for Alzheimer’s research, which will be added to what the National Institutes of Health (NIH) estimates will be $484 million in Alzheimer’s research funding across NIH in fiscal year 2013.
• A further $3.3 million has been provided to support Alzheimer’s caregivers.
• $4 million to train health professionals on issues related to Alzheimer’s disease.
• $10.5 million to expand the home and community based caregiver services.
• $4.2 million for outreach activities to raise awareness.
• The National Institutes of Health’s BRAIN Initiative will receive $30 million to support brain research that could impact several diseases, including Alzheimer’s.

This is an enormous step forward for families living with Alzheimer’s as well as for the future of Alzheimer’s care.

Read the full press release here.