Reimagining Elder Care & Disability Care

We are in an exciting moment in history when it comes to reimagining elder care and disability care. The pandemic laid bare what many already knew – no one wants to live somewhere that feels like a facility, an institution, or a hospital. We would all prefer to live in and age in our own homes. And if staying in our own homes becomes impossible, we want to live somewhere that feels like a very close runner up.

What are your plans or maybe even daydreams for aging at home? In your current home, could you live on one floor? Do you have good neighbors, children, or other support nearby? Have you saved up to be able to bring in some care? Have you explored what help you may be eligible for through MassHealth or the VA?

What about building an addition at a child’s house? How about moving in with a best friend or sibling and sharing care costs? Would you be happier on a campus with lots of social opportunities? Are you a planner and want to move to a campus that provides increasing levels of care, should you need them?

When you think about what kind of life or care you might or might not want, have you thought through what matters most to you? And how do your thoughts on what matters most shape your thoughts on where you want to live as you age? And what kind of services you might or might not want?

Many advocates and legislators are working across the country to seize this moment to shift the possibilities for elder and disability care out of institutions and into the community. Elder law attorneys (including yours truly) are part of this conversation. I hope that in the next few years we will make meaningful change to the federal Medicaid system, the US tax code, and the overall elder care and disability care underpinnings and infrastructure.

In the meantime, please reach out to discuss how we can help you stay at home for as long as possible under the current financial rules – whether that home is where you are now or a new one. Let’s imagine the possibilities together.

– Alexis